CSL - Programs


Community Service has been established into the Banner System. Therefore, all students are encouraged to register for Community Service. It is not a class, but will remain on the course schedule until the hours have been completed.

Community Service is a graduation requirement. Students must satisfy a minimum of 15 hours per year, for a total of 60 hours required for graduation. Transfer students are required to complete 40 hours of service. All community service activities, whether completed during the regular school year or during vacation periods, must have prior approval from the Community Service Learning Department.

Service-Learning is a campus-based service learning program at Mississippi Valley State University, whose primary intent is to directly and demonstrably benefit the community served and the students who provide service. It is a method whereby participants learn and develop through active participation in thoughtfully organized service that is conducted in and meets the needs of a community, or community service program; helps to foster civic responsibility; and provides structured time for the participants to reflect on the service experience. Service-learning links the work students do in the classroom to real-world problems and real-world needs. Selected courses throughout the academic offering incorporate service into course curriculum. These courses will be designated on the class schedule by (SL). Hours accumulated for service-learning transfer into community service hours and should be submitted to the Community Service Learning Office by the deadline listed on the University calendar.

*Applications and Contracts for Community Service and Service Learning may be found under the Forms link. Contact us for a list of community partners and agencies. Community Service hours are not required for students enrolled prior to Fall 2003.