Courses - MS Teacher Education

Master of Science Elementary Education Course Descriptions

ED 501 Advanced Education Psychology. This course surveys applied psychology in education. Integration of learning theories, human development, and curricular issues are explored. Emphasis includes contemporary speech research as it applies to the integration process. (3 hrs.)

ED 505 Historical and Philosophical Foundations of Education. This course is designed primarily to review the dominant ideas and institutions that have influenced the course of educational development in the western world. Emphasis will be placed on the review of the leading philosophies of education and their implications. (3 hrs.)

ED 508 Curriculum Development. This course stresses procedures for organizing and conducting programs for curriculum improvement in both elementary and secondary schools. It also stresses techniques for the development and evaluation of curriculum materials (3 hrs.)

ED 510 Research in Education. This course covers various methods of research in education and statistical techniques, with emphasis on the use of these techniques to solve problems in the field of educational research. Emphasis will be placed on selecting appropriate statistical techniques. The use of computers in educational research will also be studied. (3 hrs.)

ED 512 Technology for Teachers. This course provides skills and various techniques for applying and integrating technologies into instruction and using the computer and software applications to promote effective teaching and learning. (3 hrs.)

ED 520 Reading in the Elementary School. This course will cover current techniques, methods, and materials utilized for effective instruction. Emphasis will be on the best practices and approaches used in area public schools. (3 hrs.)

ED 522 Trends in Teaching Science. This course will explore contemporary issues in teaching science in the elementary school. The use of media and technology for instruction will be emphasized, and the identification of newer curricular methods will be stressed. The course will also emphasize current research trends. (3 hrs.)

ED524 Trends in Teaching Mathematics. This course will provide a study of elementary school techniques of teaching arithmetic based on research studies and current practices. The relationship between mathematics and other subject areas and methods for improving skills and understanding concepts will be included. Current research trends will also be emphasized. (3 hrs.)

ED 526 Trends in Teaching Social Studies. This course will explore current methods, materials, issues, and trends in the development of social consciousness among elementary school children. It will also emphasize social science strategies in curriculum development. Current research trends will also be emphasized. (3 hrs.)

ED 528 Language and Communicative Arts. This course is an analysis of current methods, issues and trends in reading, speaking, and writing as they apply to the various disciplines. Emphasis will be placed on current research findings regarding the nature of interdisciplinary learning and teaching (3 hrs.)

ED 530 Field Project/Research. This will be an individualized course for the completion of the student's research project initiated in ED 510 - Research in Education. Prerequisite: ED 510. (3 hrs.)

ED 540 Effective Teaching Strategies for the Elementary School. This course deals with contemporary approaches to teaching and analysis of instructional strategies using an interdisciplinary approach. A field experience provides practical experiences. (3 hrs.)

ED 542 Leadership Skills for Elementary Teachers. This course will provide a study of the organization and administration of the elementary school. Emphasis will be placed on research, current issues that elementary school teachers face in schools today, and the functions of these school leaders in a diverse school culture. (3 hrs.)

ED 544 Diagnostic and Remedial Reaching. This course will cover classroom evaluation and correction of reading difficulties including effective use of formal and informal assessment procedures to determine student needs. Selection of appropriate methods and materials for remedial instruction is emphasized. Prerequisite: ED 520. (3 hrs.)

ED 546 Social Problems in the Elementary School. This course will examine a variety of social problems as they impinge on the teaching-learning process. Contemporary issues and research that may be useful in minimizing the effects of these problems will be explored. (3 hrs.)

ED 550 Assessment and Individualized Programming for Disabled. This course will focus on the selection, development, administration and interpretation of formal and informal instruments employed in the assessment and evaluation of children and youth with disabilities. The development of individual educational programs based on the results of such evaluations will also be a focus of the course. (3 hrs.)

ED 552 Education of Children with Emotional Disabilities. This course is designed to develop practical, professional level, skills in the identification and education of children with emotional disabilities. Definitions, contributing factors, research methods, issues and trends, assessment, and educational and intervention strategies are also covered. (3 hrs.)

ED 557 Education and Psychology of Children with Learning Disabilities. This course will focus on the identification of children and youth with learning disabilities as well as what are considered best educational practices employed with such students based on their social, emotional, physical and academic needs. (3 hrs.)

ED 577 Education and Psychology of Students with Mental Retardation. This course will focus on the etiology and psychological characteristics of individuals with mental retardation, issues related to their development; and best practices appropriate for their education based on their cognitive abilities, their needs related to their academic and communication skills, their emotional, physical, social development, and their levels of adaptive behaviors. (3 hrs.)

ED 593 Workshop in Education. This course is designed to meet the needs of teachers, students, administrators, and community leaders who have special needs or interests in selected areas of education. Workshop contents should meet program needs and objectives. (3 hrs).

ED 595 Individual Studies. This course will provide supervised exploration of special topics determined to meet the special needs of a student. Requires permission of the advisor and dean. (3 hrs.)