Department of Education

The Department of Education is located in the Olympia Lowe Education Complex. Courses are offered at the off-campus location at the Greenville Higher Education Center ( GHEC) and at Coahoma Community College.

At the undergraduate level, the Department of Education offers a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education,  Secondary Education, and Early Childhood Education.The Early Childhood Education degree is not designed for school-based early childhood education, and does not currently lead to licensure.

Through the coordination by the Department of Education, the department also oversees the B.S. degree in Biology Education, English Education, Mathematics Education, Vocal Keyboard and Instrumental Music Education, and Social Science Education. These programs, all located in the College of Arts and Sciences, lead to K-12 licensure.

Master of Science programs in Special Education and Elementary Education are offered by the Department of Teacher Education.

The department also offers a Master of Arts in Teaching, with emphasis in Elementary Education (4-8), Social Sciences,Science/Biology,Math, Music, English, and Physical Education. Students may receive alternate route "A" certification in any of the areas in which alternate route licenses are offered in the State of Mississippi.